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Famous people who filed Bankruptcy and became successful

Henry Ford

Filed Bankruptcy when his first automotive company failed. His second automotive company failed also. Finally, he created Ford Motor Company and nearly ran out of cash in that venture before it became successful. It's interesting to note that he was 40 when he founded Ford Motor Co., proving that it's never too late for a second (or third) chance.

Henry Heinz

The founder of the condiment company went bankrupt before introducing a new condiment, ketchup.

Mark Twain

The famous author lost nearly all his money investing in an invention called the Paige Compositor. Although he discharged all his debts through bankrutpcy, he eventually repaid them all through money he earned giving lectures in Europe.

P.T. Barnum

Failed in various business ventures, leading to bankruptcy, before eventually attaining success with his circus, "The Greatest Show On Earth."

Other notable people who went on to succeed after bankruptcy

Milton Hershey (Founder of Hershey Foods)
Donald Trump
Walt Disney



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